Louis Derbré
Espace culturel Louis Derbré offers a bucolic and wild ride.
The artist passed away in 2011 and still lives through this space that he designed himself. This is a walk through his imagination offered  in Ernée, Mayenne. His monumental sculptures will be your companions.

December 2015 - Ground breaking news! 
We are pleased to present the very first art edition since Louis Derbré left us. It took four years of research, documentation, encounters, to build this next chapter. For the first time, the 'Cat' is going to be edited in a new size. This bronze will be cast in an edition of 8, for the price of EUR 1,800 each (inc. VAT). We selected the art fondry Rosini Paris for its high quality work to complete this edition.

The 'Cat' is 27.2cm by 5cm wide. The artist enjoyed presenting him. Proud, noble and mischievous, such is the spirit of Louis Derbré coming to life here. Its presence and character light up this gold brass. Its eyes and ears make use of the light. The 'Cat' was completed in the artist's workshop, in Ernee, Mayenne, France, in 2011.

A subscription to acquire this piece has been launched, running through February 1st 2016. The numbering will take place in a first come first serve basis. The delivery window is 6 weeks from date of order. A receipt and authenticity certificate will be delivered with the sculpture. Delivery charges may apply.
Subscription bulletins are available by email: mireille-derbre@noos.fr



USA: Union City, CA -
 "THE DANCERS", three monumental sculptures, installed by Union City's BART Intermodal Station District near San Francisco

You can finds his works on the Espace culturel Louis Derbré to Ernée in Mayenne, FRANCE.
A beautiful promenade decorated with monumental pieces in a sculpture garden of 7 hectares in the country.
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